Cocohanee Little Flower Fairy

Rp 135.200 Rp 399.900
One set pajamas with a bunch of unique patterns in many colors. Made from 100% Cotton from Korea with flexible and breathable fabric. Cocohanee is suitable for both boys and girls. Recommended for kids aged 1-12.

- 100% Korean Cotton
- Little Flower Fairy printed motif
- Lavender color combinations
- Round collar Rib
- Slim Fit
- Thickness: MEDIUM WEIGHT
- Stretch: STRETCH


Setelan Piyama Anak Cocohanee yang dijahit menggunakan 100% Katun Korea Premium dengan bahan yang fleksibel dan mudah menyerap keringat. Cocok untuk Anak usia 1-12 tahun.

Detail Atasan & Bawahan
- 100% Katun Korea
- Motif cetak bergambar Little Flower Fairy
- Kombinasi warna Lavender
- Slim Fit
- Ketebalan: AGAK TEBAL
- Kemelaran: MELAR

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